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Increase Your Business

With the HECM for Purchase program you can increase your business, assist seniors by offering them more home buying solutions, and distance yourself from your competitors. Most Real Estate Professionals are unaware of the HECM for Purchase program and are missing an opportunity to provide seniors with a powerful home purchase option. Offering the HECM for Purchase option to your senior clients allows them to leverage their purchasing power and potentially acquire the dream home that previously seemed out of reach.

Why Attend?

  1. Increase your listings
  2. Greater commissions
  3. Better contact with a population sitting on $8 trillion of locked up equity that has a housing need and not a housing want.

Why HECM H4P Program

7 out of 10 of your potential Boomer Buyers

  • Could pay all cash
  • Or, qualify for a 30-year mortgage                                    

3 out of 10 of potential Boomer Buyers have some issues: 

  • One could pay all cash – but this would blow up the buyers’ retirement plans and reduce their monthly income!
  • One has experienced a series of “Major Life Events”

As a result they cannot qualify for a 30-year mortgage.

Frequent Examples:

  1. Loss of a spouse and their spousal income
  2. Major Medical Expenses and burial expenses
  3. Caring for an adult dependent child and grandchildren
  • Boomers do not want a monthly mortgage payment

At age 70, after previously paying off one or two mortgages, they may never want to take on another mortgage payment again!

Don’t let your Prospects become a

Lost Sales Opportunity!

With HECM H4P Program, those 3 prospects could become Buyers.

  • For Seniors (Ages 62 and above) the HECM could be the solution to getting into a new home that fits both their current and future lifestyle needs.
  • Major Builders that offer the HECM H4P Program are closing 30% more homes!

Ohio Online CE Class
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