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Cincinnati Reverse Mortgages

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Cincinnati, Ohio LifeStyle Home Loan Mortgage Lenders

For over 100 years Mutual of Omaha has been a trusted brand name. In that tradition of trust Mutual of Omaha Mortgage offers LifeStyle Home Loan mortgages to qualified homeowners in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in 48 of 50 states.

Each of our originators has a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with the specific needs of homeowners in Cincinnati, Covington, St. Bernard, Norwood, Elmwood Place, Mason, and Finneytown. We can walk you through the questions you’re certain to have, and the process, should you decide to utilize your home’s value to create more cash flow in retirement.

How many of your neighbors have done a LifeStyle Home Loan mortgage? Here are some interesting facts about HomeStyle Home Loan mortgages and the housing market in Cincinnati and other surrounding communities.

736 people in or within 10 miles of Cincinnati already have a LifeStyle Home Loan mortgage and are familiar with the benefits of the loan. In just the last 12 months 34 more homeowners took out a federally-insured reverse mortgage.

In 2021, the median home value in Cincinnati was $215,291. The current maximum lending limit for FHA-insured HomeStyle Home Loan mortgages in 2022 is $970,800 which means nearly all homes in Cincinnati and in the surrounding area should see most if not all of their full home value considered in the calculation of the potential maximum reverse mortgage loan benefit. Homes above $970,800 may choose to apply for a private jumbo mortgage for higher-valued properties.

In general, reverse mortgages calculate the maximum available loan benefit (before fees, costs, and lien payoffs) for qualified borrowers based on the home’s appraised value, the age of the youngest borrower, or named non-borrowing spouse, and the current/starting effective interest rate.


About Cincinnati

Cincinnati sits along the confluence of the Ohio & Licking Rivers and also serves as the county seat of Hamilton County. First settled in 1788 with the arrival of Mathias Denman, Colonel Robert Patterson, and Israel Ludlow along the northern banks of the Ohio River, the city was ranked among the 10 most populated U.S. cities throughout the 19th century. Several of Cincinnati’s early settlers were German-speaking immigrants whose cultural influence can still be seen today.  The original surveyor of the settlement named the area “Losantiville”. Two years later Arthur St. Clair changed the name to honor the Society of the Cincinnati. 

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River- Pixabay
John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River- Pixabay

In the early 1800s, steamboats advanced the city’s rapid population growth as trade and shipping flourished. It wasn’t until 1836 when the first major railroad lines arrived, the first being the Little Miami Railroad. Decades later during the Civil War Cincinnati became a popular destination for runaway slaves being a free state bordering the slave state of Kentucky. In fact, the famous Underground Railroad ran through the city as slaves made the perilous journey to the free Union states. 

As the 19th century ended, the shift from steamboats that transited through the city along the Ohio River to railroads forever changed the city’s future. Cincinnati's shipping and trade suffered the consequences slowing the city’s growth. Despite these challenges, the city grew into a major industrial center.

Cincinnati has several nicknames which include Cincy, The Nati, The Queen of the West, and The City of Seven Hills.

Local Cincinnati attractions include the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, American Sign Museum, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Krohn Conservatory, and the Great American Ballpark.

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Mike Bowers and his team at Mutual of Omaha Mortgage are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about a reverse mortgage. It's important to get the facts first, discuss your unique goals and needs, and see how much you may be able to qualify for with a reverse mortgage.

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Mike Bowers serves the area of Cinncinatti, Ohio.

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